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I THINK LISA IS AMAZING !!! I've tried for years to convince my mum to learn how to ride a bike but she wasn't having any of it. I found Lisa from a simple google search and WOW how lucky was I. I bought the lesson as a surprise birthday present and it's the best present I've ever bought. After only one hour my mum was riding a bike and was having a whale of a time. Lisa is a patient, considerate and enthusiastic teacher, I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike in style . THANK YOU LISA!

Ashleigh Nelson (Team GB Athlete)

Proud Daughter

Our 9yr old grandson and his friend missed their school Bikeability training and we were fortunate in finding Lisa to come and train them. Not only is Lisa a most competent trainer, but she's extremely good with children too. She's warm, friendly and a lot of fun to be with. The boys were motivated to succeed and Lisa held their attention throughout, I also feel she got over the message about road safety very well. Before taking them on the road, Lisa taught them how properly to use a bike in the safety of a quiet car park. She also impressed them with some of her own biking skills. The boys were enthralled when she did a hand-stand for them on a bike, and showed them how to keep a bike upright whilst not moving forward. I can thoroughly recommend Lisa to anyone involved with bicycles and/or children, she's an expert with both!

Chris Sexton

(Crowethorn, Berkshire)

I tried for 5 years to teach my daughter Aggie to ride without success, Lisa did less than an hour! Lisa provided a warm, friendly and professional service and we will definitely be coming back for further training for our children. Chris Boardman (Boardman Bikes)

Chris Boardman MBE (Wirral)

Olympic Cyclist & Gold Medal Winner

Thank you so much for the cycle training session. I know the amount of confidence that I have achieved is unbelievable. Your easy go, approachable attitude made the experience truly memorable. I am awed by the amount of passion you have for cycling. You helped fix all our family bikes and ensured it was safe for us to ride. I do hope to use your service for advanced training. Lisa is a fabulous trainer, I would highly recommend her. She goes out of her way to accommodate your needs.

Rashmi Shetty


Hi Lisa, I think I speak on behalf of both Imran and Iqbal when I say that you were an excellent instructor and did a terrific job in teaching the children many skills which they will be able to use on a daily basis. You were extremely helpful and went way beyond the call of duty when you performed some of the repairs on the children's bikes. The children really enjoyed the sessions that you ran, and if we hold any further cycle training in the future, we will certainly get in-touch with you! Many thanks, and the best of luck in your future endeavours - Mohammed

Mohammed, Iqbal & Imran

Audley & Queens Park Community Association (Blackburn)

A day well-spent !! Thank you Lisa for giving me the knowledge and confidence to ride on busier roads. I would never have done it without your help and I recommend you and your style of teaching 100% to anyone who needs to cycle amongst traffic. Best wishes Jacqui.

Jacqui Evans (Birmingham)

over the moon customer!

Amazing Course, Amazing Teacher. Have so much more understanding and appreciation of other road users. I recommend this course for anyone who uses the roads by way of transport....PS (Jokes were pretty funny too).....

Thanks Lisa


DSM Demolition Ltd Birmingham

Lisa taught my 8 year old daughter how to ride a bike in less than an hour. My daughter had previously been nervous and embarrassed that she could not ride a bike. She had refused to learn. Lisa performed a miracle! Since learning my daughter now rides daily with a huge smile on her face.

Thank you Lisa xxx

Melanie Unsal (Manchester)

By the age of 35 I had never been on a bike, I was always so scared of the bike and falling. Within 1.5 hours Lisa had given me the confidence to overcome my fears and I was pedalling! I now plan to buy a bike (which Lisa is also advising me on) so I can keep up this life skill that Lisa has taught me. August 2013.

Sanita (Staffordshire)

Nervous cyclist (or was!)

Thank you Lisa for your superb cycling training! I would not have been able to cope with rush hour traffic, dealing with buses and lorries without your help!! You have generated so much confidence in me to do my cycling, so much so, I just can't get off my bike. Thank you once again for getting me on the road.

Dalton Gregory (Sutton)

luvin my cycling

I can now ride thanks to Lisa. She has been a real inspiration to me. She easily inspires confidence and I have been struck by her generosity, phenomenal knowledge and patience. Lisa is truly passionate about her role and a better teacher I could not have had.

Iotha (Erdington)

Happy Cyclist

Lisa is AMAZING! The confidence she has given me to ride my bike into work - on the roads (rather than getting on and off the pathways) is fantastic. Not only do I enjoy leisure riding at the weekend in Sutton Park but have now started to enjoy incorporating cycling into my daily commute into work - I've always enjoyed the freedom of cycling but now (with Lisa's help) I LOVE it!

Julie Emery (Walmley)

Thank you so much! X

Hi Lisa, thank you for the email and for the lovely comments about our children. We are all very proud of them! I'm sorry i wasn't around on Thursday to thank you personally, but i would like to take this opportunity to do so now! The children absolutely loved the training and were disappointed when it finished. A huge thanks to yourself and Jim for making the training fun and exciting!

Sarah Twist (Bikeability organiser)

St Francis CE Primary School - Birmingham

To Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council - I would just like to thank you for recommending Lisa as my daughter Alice's cycling tutor. Alice is now riding and under Lisa's tuition has really increased in ability and confidence. It is a pleasure to see Alice riding and I would like to commend Lisa for her patience and ability to put Alice at ease. Regards and best wishes

Linda (Birmingham)

(Alice's mum)

What an instructor! If you are serious about cycling on roads amongst traffic, don't hesitate to get lessons from Lisa, she is amazing, you will learn skills and techniques that will fill you with confidence. Her knowledge of traffic behaviour is priceless! Thanks Lisa.

Chris Boucher (Birmingham)

commuter cycling

Our nine year old daughter Chloe was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of two. For the last three years we have tried to teach her to ride a bike so she could ride in the park with her friends. We tried and tried to get her to pedal without stabilisers but unfortunately it always ended in tears and a sense of sadness, After a google search we came across Lisa's website and emailed her to ask if she could help. Lisa was very positive and encouraging which made Chloe feel at ease, she also made all sorts of adjustments to her bike to help with her confidence. We just couldn't believe our eyes when we saw Chloe pedalling in only her second lesson! We can't thank you enough Lisa for bringing happiness into our daughter's life and cannot imagine the satisfaction you must get from the great work you do!\

Sally and Paul (Manchester)

"parents forever grateful "

Top drawer training from a top drawer tutor!! Thanks Lisa I learnt so much and highly recommend your services.

Rob (Cheshire)

Cycling for pleasure.

Thank you Lisa I am so grateful. Having spent time previously with other instructors as a beginner, getting nowhere and thinking I was a hopeless case, you really turned things around for me, I am now confidently riding my bike daily 4 miles each way to work and on very busy roads. Your skill, knowledge and contagious enthusiasm is immense. As Tina Turner would say "you are simply the best"!

Maahir (Warwickshire)

grateful commuter

Having never ridden a bike to being able to pedal without help in less than 45mins, Lisa you are brilliant and I can't thank you enough. Can't wait till you teach me how to ride safely on roads! Jenny

Jennifer Hill (West Midlands)

a very happy new learner

Lisa and Peter were absolutely top class! We have been taking part in Bikeability for many years- most enjoyably and successfully, however Lisa and Peter were exceptionally good. Their rapport with the children was superb. They pushed them and encouraged them - with real enthusiasm and skill. The children responded so well to this, and comments such as 'I've hardly enjoyed anything as much', 'It's been brilliant' were commonplace from the Year 6 children. It is good to work with colleagues who not only are so well informed but clearly love what they do and are able to pass that 'passion' on to a new generation.

Patrick Doohan (Head Teacher)

St Cuthberts's Catholic Primary School

Thank you Lisa for getting me and my daughter cycling this summer. Lisa is brilliant with kids, friendly and encouraging and my daughter who was on stabilisers a few weeks ago is now cycling all through sutton park and wantint to do a charity bike ride! We have both got the cycling bug thanks to Lisa!

Sue (Erdington)

happy cycler!

[email protected]

Myself, my wife and our two kids went over to Clifton Community Centre in Sutton Coldfield on Sat 25 Aug 2012 to have our bikes checked. Although there were'nt anyone there at 11:30am to look at our bikes. We found Lisa and George providing bicycle lessons. Lisa managed to give time to check over and fix 4 bicycles and then provide valuable training time to my wife. Very please and thank you for your time. Now my wife is taking a keen interest in cycling. Thank you so much!!!

Zahid Shaikh & Jamila Shaikh

Mr and Mrs (Sutton Coldfield)

[email protected]

Having just met Lisa at the Park, she went out of her way to service my 7 year old son's bike to ensure it was safe to ride and also taught him how to mount the bike to get started. This was inspite the fact she was rushing off to ride a race herself !! Thankyou Lisa - You're brilliant


Lucky Dad (Sutton)

[email protected]

LIsa is a fantastic teacher, the classes were enjoyable and informative. I became the cyclist I always hoped I could be. More confident and aware whilst riding on the roads. Thankyou Natalie.

Natalie (Birmingham)

Free wheelin

[email protected]

To Lisa, thank you for teaching me to ride my bike. you really brightened my day. from Hannah xxxx


[email protected]

Excellent training!!! You made cycling amongst busy traffic easy and enjoyable. Thanks Lisa our confidence since your training is SKY HIGH!!! James Meredith.

James & Lauren


[email protected]

Thanks so much for teaching Aiden to cycle. He loves riding his bike all thanks to Lisa. Your skill, knowledge and experience made it happen so easily and I only wish I asked you earlier. Training wheels now on ebay!


Stoke on Trent

[email protected]

Hi Lisa.Thankyou very much for the training session (level 2 cycling for adults) on friday 26th August.I found it very useful and it gave me much more confidence in riding a bike in traffic conditions. And I feel a lot safer as well. Regards Caroline Hill

Caroline Hill


Lisa has taught me many great tips and techniques. She is a great teacher with a cracking sense of humour!



[email protected]

I tried for 5 years to teach my daughter Aggie to ride without success, Lisa did less than an hour! Lisa provided a warm, friendly and professional service and we will definitely be coming back for further training for our children. Chris Boardman (Boardman Bikes).

Chris Boardman MBE (Wirral)

Olympic Cyclist & Gold Medal Winner

[email protected]

My son Oscar was born without hands and feet, he is now 12(going on 25!!) and wears prosthetic legs. I never thought i would see the day that my son would ride a bike but Lisa sorted that! Amazingly she got Oscar to ride an unmodified bike in less than 2 hours....incredible!! Lisa knows absolutely everything there is to know about bikes and riding bikes, I and Oscar are forever grateful. Thanks Lisa.

Chris Fradgley

Oscar's dad (Kingswinford)

[email protected]

We were really pleased at how quickly and easily Lisa got our 8 year old son riding. In fact, I've written about the experience in more depth here { } - We'd certainly recommend Lisa.

Erica Price

Mum (Birmingham)

[email protected]

Lisa is amazing!! She taught our 8 year old and 5 year old to ride and from the moment they met her, she put them completely at ease. Lisa knows everything there is to know about bikes and cycling. Our daughter had had some experience of learning to ride but Lisa's approach was fantastic and had her riding within 30 minutes and by the end of the session was riding with so much confidence and with a new found love for cycling. Our son had only ever ridden with stabilisers and within 2 hours with Lisa he was pedalling away on his own. Lisa was brilliant with both children & they were very sad to say goodbye to her at the end of the session. We can't recommend her enough!!

The Williamson Family

Happy parents! Happy kids!

[email protected]

When we first got in touch with Lisa you could immediately tell that she is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet and seemingly very ambitious about what she can achieve with her students. Our 7yr old son, Alfie, had never really sat on his bike through lack of interest, but seeing his friends ride spurred him on to learn. After various efforts at home with and without the use of stabilisers, no progress was being made. After 45mins with Lisa, he was up on his bike and pedalling around the car park. Lisa's approach to teaching is first class and very structured. The foundations Lisa has put in place now mean that our son has the confidence to cycle with ease, and it has saved a lot of time and back ache on the part of his parents! We could not recommend Lisa highly enough. Thank you!

Miles Cohen (Leicestershire)

Amazed and very pleased

[email protected]

I contacted Lisa through fear - my 11 yr old boy was cycling round the neighbourhood, with dubious bike skills and no road awareness; every time he went out my heart was in my mouth. Lisa was an angel - from the first point of contact to the day she spent patiently teaching my boy everything he needs to be safe. He loved the training and I now have a happy, competent and confident cyclist. I can't thank Lisa enough for her time, passion and professionalism.

Abi Rosenbloom (Chester)

Happy Customer

[email protected]

Lisa is an inspiration. Not only professional and focused but also kind and determined that her customers get out of the experience just what they need. She spent well over the set time to get my boys through the course and has more stamina than most 10 year olds. Thank you Lisa, could not have asked for more.

Carter and Hugh Parry

Tired and happy customers (Chester)

[email protected]

Grace has had a bike for over a year. we got as far as getting her to ride in a straight line for a short while but control/balance and confidence were a big challenge for her-and most importantly it had stopped being fun a long time ago. In the space of 3 to 4 hours Lisa had her riding with confidence and a big smile on her face. As a family we have all had to support Grace through too many medical issues to go through here, and we mark every win with a great deal of pride and excitement- this was one of those times. Lisa Costa is hugely knowledgeable and full of empathy, energy and good humour, we'll remember her time with Grace with huge affection.

Gervais and Dina Hardy

Grace's Parents (Bristol)

[email protected]

I contacted Lisa because I needed to improve my confidence to cycle on the roads. Her reply to my enquiry was very prompt and her communication style was reassuring. Even before meeting her, I knew I would be training with someone who was passionate, knowledgeable and experienced. My main challenge was bike-control and Lisa showed me techniques to handle my bike much better as well as how I need to behave on the roads as a cyclist. Even though I am still nervous while cycling, I trust that implementing the techniques I learnt from Lisa will make me MUCH safer....And she travelled from Staffordshire to Watford on a Sunday to train me - if that is not passion I don't know what is!! Thanks Lisa

Beauty Zindi

Adult cyclist wanting to improve confidence

[email protected]

Lisa managed to teach my very nervous daughter to ride in under one hour, something we've tried and failed, you forget the simplest things and expect the child to know. we took her out to practice on her own again on the day after and she was riding like a pro, loads more confidence and enjoying herself. Thanks Lisa your a star, PS I'm going to use the chicken joke..LOL we all had a great time and it was a pleasure to have your help.

Alan Martin (Bolton)


[email protected]

Thank you Lisa for your time and patience in teaching our 9yr old son to ride his are brilliant x

Yvonne and Geoff (Cannock)

very happy parents

[email protected]

Literally WOW! Lisa taught my 11 year old son to ride in less than 30 minutes!!! I cannot rate this lady high enough. From the minute we met Lisa we were all laughing and feeling very relaxed, especially my son. His initial nerves were very quickly replaced with passion and confidence and that was all thanks to his instructor. I would recommend Lisa to anyone of any age who needs bicycle lessons. My son and I are 100% satisfied and are looking forward to booking a more advanced lesson in the future with her. Thank you a million Lisa Costa.

Nicola Leese (Chester)

Beyond Satisfied Mum

[email protected]

Lisa thank you for a fantastic day with our 3 4 and 6 year olds who could already ride bikes without stabilisers and are a handful !!! You fitted safety equipment correctly and taught them safety manoeuvres .... Now not only can they "zoom" but are riding with much more control, avoiding colliding into each other and putting in emergency stops when necessary ....this has given me and them more confidence when out and about on their bikes. The Session was great fun, keeping them engaged and smiling. It was as relaxed (as possible !) and not rushed in any way- Looking forward to another session in the future !!!

Dawn Judson (Dudley)

Extremely happy!

[email protected]

Lisa taught our daughter to ride a bike in under an hour. It was amazing to see the process from "total non rider to riding with control". We were also given advice on what type of bike along with lots of hints and tips. 10/10

Martin and Patricia Stott (nr Halifax)

Superb results

[email protected]

Lisa is an amazing teacher! She taught me to ride and I am in my forties! She also taught my 5 year old twin daughters to ride as well. Thank you so much xxx

Mo Badmus

Satisfied customer (Milton Keynes)

[email protected]

Our 11 year old son is starting secondary school soon and we wanted him to be able to cycle to school feeling confident on his bike so we booked Lisa to train our son and his best friend as well as myself on the Bikeability 2 course. Lisa is a fantastic teacher who really knows her stuff and by the end of the day all three of her pupils were feeling much more confident cycling on the roads. We look forward to working towards our Bikeability level 3 in the future. Thank you Lisa.

Victoria (Melton Mowbray)

A more confident cyclist!

[email protected]

What an amazing lady Lisa is. We have being trying to teach our son to cycle for years without any luck. My son wanted to ride, but didn't really want to go through the learning process. He had no confidence what's so ever and little desire to control his bike, a couple of hours later he was riding by himself with a smile on his face that made us so proud. Thank you so much Lisa. Well worth the money to learn a life skill.

Andy Duckworth

Happy Customer (Cheadle)

[email protected]

We cannot thank Lisa enough for giving our daughter Ava (6 years old) the confidence to ride her bike, Lisa removed all the obstacles Ava was putting in her way and had her riding her bike confidently within 30 minutes. Lisa has an amazing way with children and in Ava's own words "that was the best lesson I've ever had"!

Marie-Claire Wheeldon (Oldham)

Very happy mummy

[email protected]

Our family booked Lisa for a day bike ability course. It was excellent. The whole family learnt so much. We now cycle on the roads with so much more confidence and feel safe in doing so. I now cycle on the roads a lot more and enjoy it as opposed to only cycle on pavements in fear of the motorists. Well worth every penny for Lisa taught us so much plus more.

Philip Gerrard (Solihull)

Happy family road cyclist

[email protected]

Lisa is TRULY gifted. We have been trying to teach our 6 year old twins to ride for 2 years, on and off. We were getting nowhere. Then we found Lisa. In less than one hour she had our daughter cycling confidently and by the end of three hours our son too. Neither could even 'scoot' before the session. It was quite amazing to watch how she adapted her style to suit each of them. Our children loved her warm, friendly and fun approach. It was inspiring how she kept them going, even when the going was tough. She really does know how to build confidence. We will be back for road lessons and lots more fun. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Debbie Hewitt MBE

Thrilled Mum (Cheshire)

[email protected]

My son is six years old and recently we both had the pleasure of meeting Lisa. Lisa is an amazing character and has a natural affinity with children! She brought Henry out of his shell straight away and had him riding his bike within thirty minutes! I cannot recommend Lisa enough, although Henry is now bike mad and it's a task to get him to do anything else!!! Thanks Lisa

Annette Scott (Oldham)

an elated mum

[email protected]

Just wanted to thank you so much for teaching both my boys, Nathan and Toby, to ride their bikes on Saturday. There is no stopping them now, especially Toby!!! Would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone having difficulty in riding. Looking forward to getting my new bike tomorrow to go out and ride with the boys. Many Thanks Again Rebecca & Gareth x

Rebecca Beirne

Happy Customer (nr Leigh)

[email protected]

Within 45 mins of meeting Lisa, Jenny was cycling on 2 wheels! The stabilisers are now in the cellar never to be needed again. This was one of Jenny's holiday goals and it's well and truly ticked! Thanks for being so positive, helpful and supportive. This would have taken us months to get to this stage without you and all done in the first hour. The confidence gained in the rest of the session has given her the best possible start and it has been great value for money too. Thanks for travelling so far to see us and making it look really easy. I will recommend you without reservation to anyone wanting to learn or to improve.

Jennifer (7), Jenson, Angela & Andy Pang

Wheels on Fire! (Wakefield)

[email protected]

My husband and I have both tried for a long time to teach our 8 year old son how to ride a bike. He was very nervous and every attempt ended in tears from his frustration of not being able to learn. We then found Lisa's website & arranged a lesson. Within an hour of being with Lisa he was riding a bike! My husband and I could not believe our eyes. Lisa was very friendly and even came to halfords with us to purchase a new bike & helmet and adjusted it to suit him. Absolutely fantastic, would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to learn to cycle. Thank you again!

Jen Maynard (Milton Keynes)

Happy Mum

[email protected]

Lisa has just taught my 7 year old niece and my 6 year old son who has autism. I can't believe what a wonderful job she has done they are both riding with confidence. Her service goes above and beyond. AMAZING!!!

Mrs V Hulme (Blackpool)

Overwhelmed mum

[email protected]

My 7 year old daughter had been too frightened to learn to ride a bike but was becoming embarrassed that all her friends could ride and she couldn't. So I contacted Lisa and 2 very emotional hours later she was riding unaided. In my daughter's case it was her psychology rather than physical ability that was holding her back. I think this was a real challenge as my daughter's fear made her emotional and actually dangerous as she kept slamming on her brakes or putting her feet down. With all this to contend with Lisa slowly worked on her confidence and she can now ride. Thank you Lisa!

Tamora Shemwood

Mum (Keighley)

[email protected]

Today Lisa has taught both our six year old twins how to ride a bike from scratch in just under 2 hours- amazing! She is very clear in her teaching, extremely encouraging and also knowledgeable about all aspects of cycling. The twins really liked and trusted her. Our eldest daughter, who can already ride and owns a bike, came along initially just to watch the lesson-however, once Lisa had sorted her bike out and given her some really valuable advice about her technique,she was also cycling around with increased confidence for the whole session. Once the twins could ride the bikes provided by Lisa, we bought similar ones. Lisa took care in choosing and assembling them for us, an impressive service which was greatly appreciated. Lisa is worth every bit of her fee and we would recommend her to all who wish to either learn how to bike or improve their technique. Her attention to detail from initial contact by email right through to the end of our time with her was fantastic.

The Sample family (Nr Wigan)

Three kids learn to ride their bikes!

[email protected]

If I could describe how i felt after watching my 6 1/2 year old son be taught how to ride a bike by Lisa in one word it would be STUNNED!. Max could ride a bike with stabilisers (sort of) and was petrified of falling off. After 1 hr Max had mastered his balance and by 2 hours was riding his own bike with no stabilisers. Lisa is an amazing teacher and put Max at ease. She made it fun. The best decision I made was selecting Lisa to teach my son how to ride a bike. Just AMAZING

Helen Edmondson

Proud Mum (nr Leigh)

[email protected]

Our Son Alex, 7.5 years has always been keen on bikes, but with little free time to teach him we decided to call Lisa to see if she could help. From the minute we met her we sensed a sincere trustworthy, experienced lady who has a great personality and is easy to get on with. Alex took to her straight away and was happy and keen to learn. Within the hour we had a call saying he was cycling on his own and "come and see how he is doing". Lisa likes to have an interactive section not just with the pupil but with the parents so that they can continue the tuition. Her style is fun and relaxed and all of us felt at ease with her. We would strongly recommend Lisa to anyone, child or adult who wants to master cycling.Thanks Lisa xxx

Keith and Jackie McArdle (Wirral)

Just amazed

[email protected]

Lisa was fantastic with my 2 daughters who are 7 & 9. She filled them both with confidence and had them riding in no time. Highly recommended, thanks Lisa

Stephen Mathieson

Happy Dad (Prenton)

[email protected]

My son was transformed from a nervous novice to a smiling happy bike rider in under an hour of tuition with Lisa. He is now looking forward to more advanced training with Lisa in a couple of months. Many thanks.

Jessica Shaw (Alfreton)

Happy mum and son

[email protected]

Lisa had both my kids riding bikes without stabilisers within an hour! She then helped to select suitable bikes for them both and assembled them. I can't thank her enough for her patience. I would definitely recommend Lisa

Niki Marston


[email protected]

Lisa Costa bike trainer extraordinaire. I was blown away with how quickly Lisa managed to get my just 7 year old daughter riding a bike WITHOUT stabilisers. Immediately I could see my daughter feel confident in Lisa's presence and belief in her and Lisa's little mantras worked wonders and relaxed what could have been a very difficult transition for my daughter. Unbelievably my daughter was riding unaided within 30 minutes- Yes 30 minutes, WOW!! The remainder of the lesson was then spent perfecting her braking and steering and with each passing minute my daughters confidence grew with Lisa's wonderful teaching manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa 110%. I would also like to add that Lisa recommended a different bike as my daughters wasn't really suitable due to it being very heavy. Whilst my daughter was having her lesson I went to purchase the new bike and Lisa then kindly built it to my daughter's height etc. We are very grateful Lisa for your above and beyond help!

Anthea Marsland

Proud Mum - Northwich

[email protected]

Thank you Lisa on getting me to ride a bike from scratch, never had the opportunity when I was younger. Through your creative learning - I was up and riding away within an hour. You help build my confidence and was a good listener and teacher, in helping me try new ideas and having the courage to get finally on a bike and up and running. Thank you Lisa for showing me the wonder of learning how to ride a bike.

Brad M (Milton Keynes)

Older bike learner

[email protected]

We contacted Lisa regarding the Bikeability Level 2 course as we have 10 year old twins who could ride a bike, but unfortunately due to a busy main road near where we live, we did not have the confidence to allow them to cycle off our cul-de-sac to their friends. After an action packed full day our children, along with one of their friends and their father, came home having learnt so much. Lisa made it fun for them all which, as we know, is the best way for any child to learn. Lisa?s teaching has given them, and us, the confidence to cycle on the roads safely and given the children the independence they need. It was money well spent! We cannot thank Lisa enough and would definitely recommend her 

Lynne & James Waddicor

Very Happy Parents! - Blackburn

[email protected]

Just want to say a big thankyou to Lisa for teaching both of my daughters yesterday, my eyes still can't believe that both can ride bikes by themselves. Lisa is a great instructor with a lot of experience and a very nice person, it was great meeting her I'm very pleased I found her to teach my two daughters. Once again thanks Lisa for your time and extra effort. xx Naila

Naila Parveen

Mum (Blackburn)

[email protected]

Hi Lisa , thank you very much for your time, effort and skill on Monday. The kids and I all loved it and they are undoubtably much much better riders since participating in your course. I'd whole heartedly recommend you to anyone. Thanks again and take care.

Paul Goodwin


[email protected]

Thank you so much for your fantastic teaching for my daughter. You went the extra mile. Lovely to meet you.

Katie Roy

Happymum (nr Milton Keynes)

[email protected]

Thank you Lisa for giving all my 3 children the priceless gift of the biking bug! I don't know how you did it, it was like watching a magic trick seeing you transform my 2 eldest from nervous, reluctant novices to keen enthusiasts who now have races and timed circuits round the park. Plus giving my youngest at 4 yrs the knowledge and confidence to get himself going in 5 minutes flat! I can't thank you enough, it is such a pleasure to see them having so much fun, what a difference a day makes!!

Catherine B (Sheffield)

Over the moon!

[email protected]

I still cannot believe it! This morning my 9 year old son could not ride his bike and in less than 30 minutes he could. Lisa was absolutely brilliant. I had read previous testimonals and they were spot on, no exaggeration. We had tried to teach our son to ride his bike for a few years now, off and on with no success and it usually ended in tears. I nearly cried when I saw my son ride his bike for the first time and I could see that he too was bursting with pride. Lisa is a lovely lady and a brilliant teacher. She spent the first 20 mins adjusting his bike (brakes seat etc)she is so knowledgable and just fills you with confidence. I don't know what else to say other than...I was expecting to pay a lot more than I did and would have and it would still have been worth every penny. Thanks Lisa x.

very happy mom

J Horne (Walsall)

[email protected]

My 9 year old daughter had a real, unexplained, phobia about learning to ride her bike. She has done a Bikability course with her school, not very productive, and has made me very frustrated on many occasions. Under Lisa's instruction she nailed it in less than 1 hour and we are now happily and regularly practicing to improve her skills and confidence. Can't thank Lisa enough for her friendly and warm manner and for teaching my daughter that she can-can-can and that she is the boss of her bike! My daughter thinks she is AMAZING x

Jackie Brown

Happy Mum (Derbyshire)

[email protected]

My 10 year old son had been struggling to learn to ride a bike for some years; Lisa had him cycling within a couple of hours! She taught him with humour and complete confidence that he would succeed. After a morning with Lisa we had a newly repaired and modified bike and a very happy boy. I can't thank Lisa enough and would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to cycle.

Amy C

Delighted Mum (Cheltenham)

[email protected]

Hi Lisa! Just to say a big thank you for teaching Jack and Sophie to ride a bike! Both Dan and I never thought we'd see that day that Jack would ride a bike due to him being dyspraxic, but within one hour, he was off and away!! Your enthusiasm to cycling and ability to pass on your knowledge in a child friendly way was totally amazing. Thanks so much Lisa!!!!!

Christine Harrison

mum (Wigan)

[email protected]

My 10 year old son couldn't ride a bike and he was very nervous, had absolutely no confidence and whenever my husband and I tried to teach him it ended in tears, arguments and the bike been left on the side! I contacted Lisa and from the onset she was very professional. She arrived promptly on the day, instantly put my son at ease and within less than 30 minutes the most incredible thing happened! My son could ride a bike!!! I could not believe how easy Lisa made it. My son had gone from not wanting to ride to riding around with a big smile and confidence within 30 minutes! Lisa also spent some time setting his bike up but it became apparent that the bike was unsuitable and needed a new one. Lisa offered to come to Halfords with us, chose a bike for us, and made the bike up. He was soon riding around the carpark on his new bike!! Lisa is amazing and I cannot rate the whole experience highly enough. Highly recommend!!

Karen W (Wolverhampton)

Very happy Mum!!

[email protected]

Neither of our girls (aged 9 and 6) were able to ride a bike and were very nervous about learning. Within 1 hour Lisa had got my elder daughter riding and by the end of the session both were riding - something that we had been unable to do. Lisa was excellent and very patient which was exactly what our girls needed. It was really interesting for me to learn some of the theory as well and the benefit of learning from a professional was that she established good habits from the start. Thanks Lisa!

Sarah Ainslie (Wakefield)

Successfully trained 2 very nervous girls!

[email protected]

We have been trying unsuccessfully to teach our son to ride his bike for the past 3 years. This has led to many tears, a lot of frustration and little boy who had developed an increasing fear of getting on his bike. Lisa was fantastic, very patient and encouraging (it needed a lot of that) and eventually after an hour of tears we managed to get Oscar on the bike and enjoying himself. Within two hours he was cycling away, stopping turning and having a great time. Lisa is a great teacher, clearly has a passion for what she does and made the whole experience fun for all of us. I was amazed at the progress she made in such a short period of time and can't tell you how relieved I feel that we finally got over what had become a bit of an elephant in the room in our house. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone, great fun and great results. Thanks Lisa!!

Rachel Ward

Relieved Mum (Manchester)

[email protected]

Lisa taught my 2 teenagers how to ride safely on main roads, the content of the course was amazing and both teenagers learnt basics and in depth coverage of how to cycle correctly alongside main stream traffic, they are no longer scared of riding in the road with cars and lorries, as a parent the reassurance this course gives is priceless! Thank you Lisa

Mrs Blair

Reassured Mom (Birmingham)

[email protected]

I still can hardly believe it. We spent 3 years on and off trying to teach our daughter to ride her bike with no joy. Lisa had her cycling round our village hall car park in 90 mins. Truly amazing. I cannot thank her enough or recommend her highly enough.Quotes

Victoria Advani (nr Worcester)

thrilled mother

[email protected]

Lisa adjusted my son's new bike, demonstrated the things he needed to know, then put him on it and the magic happened. I never thought that within 40 minutes he would be able to ride. What a truly amazing process with positive results. I would highly recommend Lisa to any parent who wants their child to learn to ride and to those parents of children who are different for any reason, I would definitely let Lisa help. She helped us.

Eileen Barnes (Oldham)

Happy Mum

[email protected]

My daughter had cycled with stabilisers since she was 3 but as she grew due to falling off had a mental block about cycling without them. Now she is 11 it was time to do this and Lisa was fantastic. Her caring and very laid back approach soon put my daughter at ease and within half an hour she was cycling on her own- fantastic we couldn't believe it Then came practice and then cone work at a slow pace- all completed, all within 4 hours!! Thank you so much we are truly grateful

Cath Bayley

Mum (Leicester)

[email protected]

Lisa is a great teacher, very patient and understanding. I take my 7 year old son to school by bicycle and he has been desperate to cycle on the road, but I wanted him to have proper tuition first. Lisa did BikeAbility level 2 for my son and a school friend, and I joined in too. My son learnt a huge amount and there were some surprises for me too (the thinking has changed a bit since I did cycling proficiency 30 years ago!). I would definitely recommend Lisa, she's a fabulous teacher .

Angela Ison

Satisfied customer (Lancashire)

[email protected]

Wow, what can I say. My husband and I have been trying to teach our 8 year old daughter to ride her bike on and off for the last 4 years without success. Today after less than 1 hour and 30 minutes Lisa had got Megan riding her bike, I just couldn't believe it. Lisa is such a caring lady who has got so much patience and passion for what she does and she treats each child as an individual and makes them feel special. She is a wonderful wonderful lady who underestimates exactly what she has done for all the people she has helped in her career. If it wasn't for Lisa we wouldn't have a little girl who has gone to bed tonight so so happy that she can finally say she can ride her bike. Thank you Lisa xx

Helen Gelder (Rotherham)

Proud Mum

[email protected]

Lisa is a star! We have been trying on & off for 4 years to get our 8 year old son Alex to ride a bike with no success. We really thought Lisa would have met her match with him but to our amazement she had him pedalling on his own within half an hour! She even came with us to buy him a suitable bike, built it & fitted it to meet his requirements. She has a great personality & really made it fun for Alex who was extremely nervous. He went to bed with a huge smile on his face last night. Thank you so much Lisa, we're so grateful to you. Ronnie & Angela Gallacher

Ronnie & Angela Gallacher (Wigan)

Delighted parents!

[email protected]

At the age of 51 I decided to conquer my fears and at last learn to ride a bike. Others had tried and failed to teach me. I came across Lisa following an internet search and after reading her testimonials booked a lesson. Within 20 minutes she had me riding competently - and by the end of 2 hours or so doing figures of 8, weaving in between cones and controlling the bike. I felt fantastic - such an achievement. Thanks Lisa.

Tracy W

Happy Biker (West Yorkshire)

[email protected]

About a month ago I got in touch with Lisa to teach my granddaughter to ride a bike - We were not getting anywhere trying to teach her to ride, so on the 19th of this month this lady arrived at my house, that's when my granddaughter first found out that Lisa would be teaching her. First she altered her bike to fit her then we went to Wrexham football club car park, we got there at 10.50am and then this great lady got to work to teach my granddaughter to ride her bike, by 11.12am she was riding the bikes as if she was a pro !! Lisa also got her to ride in and out of cones. All I've got to say is: Thanks very much Lisa you were fast in teaching her - love you!! Owen and Val Tudor (150 out of a 100).

Owen Tudor (Wrexham)


[email protected]

Lisa came to help my daughter who is about to go to university to get to grips with riding a bike again after a long period of not cycling. So I went along for the days lesson too. It was absolutely brilliant! We learnt so much, and I feel SO much happier that my daughter will be safer on a bike now. It has renewed my own enthusiasm for cycling too. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough, she is very thorough, good fun, but serious too about everything to do with cycling. You won't find a better teacher.

Rebecca Creedy Smith

happy customer (Berkshire)

[email protected]

After a lot of frustration trying to teach our son to ride we turned to Lisa. Lisa was able to do in under one hour what we hadn't been able to achieve in months namely have him riding a bike. Words cannot express how grateful we are to Lisa. I would recommend Lisa to everyone she is a wonderful person and teacher .

Stuart Parker (Manchester)

Grateful parent

[email protected]

Lisa is TRULY gifted. We have been trying to teach our 6 year old twins to ride for 2 years, on and off. We were getting nowhere. Then we found Lisa. In less than one hour she had our daughter cycling confidently and by the end of three hours our son too. Neither could even 'scoot' before the session. It was quite amazing to watch how she adapted her style to suit each of them. Our children loved her warm, friendly and fun approach. It was inspiring how she kept them going, even when the going was tough. She really does know how to build confidence. We will be back for road lessons and lots more fun. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Debbie Hewitt

Thrilled Mum (Cheshire)

[email protected]

Very thorough and professional service. Lisa takes a well balanced approach to getting the basics across. I am very happy my daughter can now ride her bike. Thanks Lisa!

Philip & Katy Pritchard

Happy parents (Bury)

[email protected]

We were introduced to Lisa by our friends. Lisa thank you so much for teaching my two daughters (age 6 & 8) how to ride a bike and that too in less than 2 hours !! My husband has been trying for so long but didn't succeed. In fact the girls got put off with the idea of riding a bike because of the fear and constant falling. But now the same girls tell us every day to take them out for a bike ride!! Lisa made learning a life skill a complete joy for both the girls. She was persistent and gave them confidence. We loved her motto- I Can Can Can !!! We look forward to seeing her in a year's time for the advanced course. Thank you Lisa it was a pleasure to meet you!

Arti (London)

Happy Mom

[email protected]

Lisa was amazing she taught our 9 year old daughter how to ride a bike in less than a hour and turned out to be a fantastic and funny instructor which gave our daughter a lot of confidence. Best money we have spent well worth it, It was amazing! - thank you Lisa!

Vince Berry (Tewkesbury)

a truly satisfied parent

[email protected]

Having dyspraxia and short-term memory deficits, I have always struggled with learning practical skills. And what's more, because I know I will find something challenging, I often don't approach it with confidence. Within minutes of meeting Lisa you will know that she's expert at what she does and that you're in safe hands. She has a ballsy no-nonsense approach to what can sometimes be silly behaviour from other vehicles on the road and that really raises your own confidence in being a road user of equal importance instead of shrinking into the kerb-side. The most important thing however, is that she's always calm, patient and ready to diffuse meltdowns with humour! She acts as an advocate for you when you're hard on yourself and can re-frame disasters as experiences to learn from. I'm confident you won't find better cycling tuition anywhere else!

Fiona H (Worcestershire)

[email protected]

We had tried to teach our son Oliver to ride a bike on a number of occasions over several years to no avail. He really lacked confidence and didn't want to ride for fear of falling off. With one bike in the shed hardly used and now outgrown, we bought him a new bike for his 9th birthday with the promise of lessons. I found Lisa on a Google search. On reading some of the testimonials, I found other people who had been in the same position and that Lisa had successfully taught them to ride in one session. I wasn't convinced that would be achievable for Oliver, but wow! He went from not even being able to balance on a bike to riding figure of 8s on his own in less than an hour and a half ! I was truly amazed. Lisa has a supberb approach, very positive and patient and really inspired confidence. I would highly recommend Lisa to anybody who wants to learn to ride a bike. I feel so lucky I found her !

Elizabeth Sapey

Proud Mum (Congleton)

[email protected]

I booked tuition with Lisa while I was in centre parcs with my children in May 2015. The kids were leaving me behind as they were confident on their bikes. As i had never learnt to ride. Come 24th July. I met Lisa, a warm, funny and passionate lady who had me riding a bike within 40 mins. Lisa- you are amazing and passionate. Thank you for helping to tick this off my (30 year old) to do list. Xx

Halima Khatoon (Lancashire)

Finally ticked off the 'to do' list

[email protected]

Lisa is an amazing instructor- she taught me bikeability levels 1&2 and turned out to be a fantastic, friendly and funny instructor. It was very practical and I became confident riding on the roads through fun activities. It was amazing- thank you Lisa!

Francesca (Disley)


[email protected]

Our grandson Oliver had no confidence at all when trying to ride his bike. I contacted Lisa and asked her to teach Oliver the basics and try and give him some confidence. Lisa said Oliver would be riding his bike within an hour of starting to teach him - that happened! Lisa said he would gain confidence and enjoy riding his bike - that happened! Lisa said he would be able to do turns, not just ride in a straight line - that happened! Lisa said she would look at Oliver's bike and give it a service if required, it needed loads - that happened! Lisa Costa does what she says she does, (how rare is that?) She worked extremely hard for 4 hours on a sunny day, and gave Oliver the confidence and training needed to go forward, all in one session. If you have children or adults who struggle to learn to ride I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa, she is professional, knowledgeable, human (like your favourite teacher). and she works hard on your behalf. Thanks!! - Bob, Jo & a happy Oliver.

Bob & Jo McDougall

Happy Grandparents (Leeds)

[email protected]

Thank you Lisa for helping Daisy to believe in herself and learn to ride, can't believe that in such a short space of time she was balancing and then pedalling herself. Daisy's bike has been in the shed since Christmas barely touched as every time I tried to teach her it would end in tears. You made this once in a lifetime moment really special and put Daisy (who on the way there told me she was nervocited) at ease from the start. You are a star!

Nicky Jefferies-Maxwell (nr Mansfield)

Proud mummy

[email protected]

Fantastic!! Lisa taught my two eldest children level one within a group while also assisting our youngest son of 6 to ride without stabilisers. Lisa was able to effectively split her time between teaching the level 1 class and helping our son to have enough confidence to ride his bike without stabilisers which is something he would not do with us. He has now been cycling around our local area happily. Lisa thoroughly enjoys what she does and goes far beyond making it a job, really can not praise her enough.

Lauren Cann (Alsager)


[email protected]

I contacted Lisa because for 2 years my son aged 8 has struggled to ride a bike. It got to the point where if a friend came round to ask him to ride, he couldn't go. We were recommended by a friend, what can I say Wow Lisa was truly amazing at what she does, she makes it fun for the children, easy instructions to follow and boosts their confidence. Nothing was too much trouble, good contact via email/phone, fab on the day and she put the children at ease. My 2 boys had lots of fun, and were so proud of themselves, once they could ride they had smiles from ear to ear. I really thank Lisa so much, what a lovely lady! Hayley, Mike & boys Wirral

Hayley (Wirral)


[email protected]

Dear Lisa Thank you so much for teaching our daughter Sienna to ride her bike. You are amazing!! She was off on her own in an hour as she had faith in you as you filled her with confidence. I was away on a trip while you taught her, but as soon as I came home she was on her bike with the wind in her hair and a huge proud smile on her face. It was so lovely to see. I watched the video of you teaching her and it was great to see what an amazing teacher you are. Thank you so much xx

Rachael van der Meer (Neston)


[email protected]

Having spent a number of years trying to get our son Thomas to ride a bike to no avail, all seemed lost. Even though he had the ability, his confidence was the issue. In less than an hour with Lisa, Tom was riding round like a pro, full of confidence and loving every minute of it. Just hearing him laugh as he went passed made it all worthwhile. Would highly recommend Lisa to anyone experiencing the same challenges getting their children to ride a bike. Thanks Lisa, you're a star......

Simon & Lynn Farrar (Ossett)

Happy Parents

[email protected]

Thanks Lisa for a great day, teaching me not only to ride a bike safely and confidently but helping me to believe that I really can do it! My family were amazed to see just how much we covered in such a short time. I've now teamed up with a bike buddy, ready to hit our local cycle tracks! Many, many thanks.

Lynne Maylor (Gwynedd)

[email protected]

"We had a 6 year old who lacked the confidence to get on a bike. After huge battles, tears, cajoling and bribery, we turned to Lisa. She set up his bike (and his younger brother's!), gave him an inspiring pep talk, and off he went. I was amazed! 20 minutes later, he was riding on his own, and after about 50 minutes, he was able to start off himself. Lisa was joking with him and encouraging him in equal measure - really we struggled to get him off the bike at the end. In fact, all I hear now is, 'can I go out on my bike please?' - he loves his bike, and his new found freedom. We can't thank Lisa enough - and really, the extra she put in with helping our younger boy, setting up the bikes, giving us advice afterwords, is well worth it. We have 2 very smiley, very excited boys."

Katharine Rymell (Daventry)

Happy parents!

[email protected]

As a woman of a certain age whose bike riding has been limited to the odd rides in parks and on disused rail tracks with the children I decided to sign up for a big charity cycling event next year. On my first ride I realised that my road skills and indeed bike skills were non existent and I really had to get some help. Help came in the form of Lisa who travelled down to me and spent 6 hours teaching both myself and my husband, who thought he should 'brush up his road skills' Well from wobbling down the road at 10am to cycling back fully in control at 4pm was a fantastic experience-a lot to learn but so worthwhile-I cannot praise Lisa highly enough. I would recommend her to anyone who has any doubt about their bike skills. Thank you Lisa

Lynn (Birmingham)

Satisfied woman of a certain age

[email protected]

Lisa is an inspiring teacher. I took my son with mild learning difficulties who didn't have much physical confidence. In recent years he has built strength in the gym and seemed ready to give it a try. Lisa was amazing with him. First she helped him relax by talking football, his passion. She knew exactly how to win his confidence! Then the techniques she used and her sheer determination and confidence that he would be cycling by the end of the day won us all over. It was not easy for him but wonderful to see him off on a bike by mid-afternoon. He went back for another day's cycling confidence because he was so tired he didn't seem to take in the magnitude of what he had achieved. Lisa is a wonder. My son never thought he could do this and now he'll soon be taking to the cycle paths!!! Chris says: "Lisa taught me well. I liked her determination to get me to cycle. She was very sure I could do it and gave me confidence."

Kate Collier (Gloucestershire)

Over the moon parent

[email protected]

Wow, wow, wow! Lisa is a wonder. My husband had been trying for a long time to teach our son to ride, to no avail. Lisa had him pedalling on his own within 25 minutes and confidently doing figures of 8 a bit later. And he was smiling! I cannot express how impressed I was at how well Lisa taught Daniel. She also checked over the bike and made adjustments to it with a practised ease, all of which made the bike better for Daniel to learn on. I thoroughly recommend her cycle training. Next thing is to persuade my husband to let me sign up for a lesson for myself to improve my confidence.....

Stephanie Dew (Welwyn)

Mum of reluctant rider

[email protected]

After years of trying to teach our two boys age 10 and 7yrs how to ride bicycle my husband gave up. I decided to choose Lisa based on the testimonials of other parents. She assured me within 3hrs she can teach my son how to ride and i should bring his bike along. Since its half term i have to take my other son with me he decided to take his skateboard along to keep him busy while we wait for the other being train. The first thing she did was to repair our old rusty bike which was not in any way working then she said i will train your other son as well all for free, this i wasn't expecting. As we got set i step aside to watch within 30mins the boys were riding by them self and we stood there for over and 1hr she was give then instruction here and there. I was so overjoy seeing my kids leaning a new skill after years of trying without success. Lisa displays high level of professionalism she is enthusiasm and full of positive energy, generous and kind. Thank you we are so greatul!

Zainab (Birmingham)

Satisfied Mum

[email protected]

It was a real pleasure for my girls and I to meet Lisa and see her passion for safe and fun cycling. She had my 7 year old cycling confidently and unaided for the first time in under an hour, which was down to her simply breaking into manageable sections the components you need to ride a bike and making her believe that she could do it. I wish we had known about Lisa several years ago. She ensured that our bikes were working properly and set at the right position which really helped us get started. Lilly and Flo were then away with their riding having been taught fundamentals that I wasn't even aware of. We will definitely being staying in contact with Lisa for further tuition as the girls get older.

Jilli Guy (Belbroughton)

Happy Mum!

[email protected]

At 50, I approached the day with a lot of trepidation. Lisa blew it all away with her enthusiasm and confidence and within an hour I was pedaling! This is the biggest surprise of my life! Thank you Lisa.

Lata Nair (Sutton Coldfield)


[email protected]

We had tried to teach our daughter to ride on a number of occasions over the years but to no avail. Aged 11 years and with Bikeability looming at school, she was worried about what her class mates would say when they realised she couldn't ride. In desperation, following a quick Google search, we contacted Lisa for some general advice and were thrilled to find that she had a cancellation the very next day and could fit us in. We met at 9:45am and within 80 minutes, our daughter was riding for the first time in her life. She went to school on the following Monday, full of confidence and looking forward to the Bikeability sessions that she had been so dreading. Lisa's expertise and enthusiasm during the session with our daughter was second to none and we could not have asked for anyone better to teach our daughter. We would not hesitate to recommend her and cannot thank her enough.

Mr & Mrs Terry (Rochdale)

Proud and happy parents

[email protected]

It was an unbelieveable Saturday afternoon, watching my 15 years old son, meticulously taken through the process of learning how to ride a bicycle. I could write an essay on this, but the main qualities that I observed about Lisa are:- - confidence building techniques - very methodological about her programme, start easy, the then building onto pedalling and cycling into figures of 8 -making cycling fun -great sense of humour -delivering on her promise that my son will be cycling by the end of the session, took less than 2 hours-amazing -giving sound advice on cycle mechanics and maintenance -instilling confidence into the pupil with a firm approach but gaining full trust -Lisa is a most enthusiastic person who loves cycling and wants to see more people cycle for health -great effervescent personality I will never forget this day, nor will my son. I will be keeping in touch with Lisa for future tuition and friendship. I can't thank her enough, Lisa is AWSOME, simply brilliant.

Dr.Abad Ali

satisfied father (Birmingham)

[email protected]

My daughter learnt to ride a bike within two hours! - Amazing!! Good work Lisa!!!

Anish Kanani (Leicester)

Satisfied Dad

[email protected]

Im a parent of 3, Harvey 11 and twins 9. My son is autistic and also suffers from attention delay, so its hard to keep him occupied for a long time. He decided last year he wanted a bike so bought him one but it has just stood in the shed till I phoned Lisa. Im so glad I made that call. Harvey was able to ride on his own within a couple of hours, Lisa was extremely patient with Harvey's needs, when Harvey needed a break Lisa put my twins through their bikeability 1. At all times she managed to keep all my children busy and entertained with her knowledge and bike skills, they were very happy with the day and can't wait to meet up again to try for their next level. Harvey is keen to keep up with the skills Lisa has taught him and continuing to practice to gain more confidence. I myself also feel more confident going out on my bike through listening to the skills Lisa has taught my children. This lady is highly recommended by me and my children. Thank you so much Lisa !!

Sharon Dyer (Bradford)

Satisfied Mum

[email protected]

Have tried a number of times to teach my 7 year old to ride. Lisa came and taught her in around 2 hours, weather was terrible but Lisa still taught her. I would recommend Lisa if you are having trouble learning. My daughter is now able to ride. Thanks Lisa

Lillian Garforth (Liverpool)


[email protected]

I am a 50 year old who had never learned to ride a bike and never had the confidence to try. Lisa changed all that; I never thought I could balance on a bike let alone be riding within 2 hours! Lisa is a marvel, she is patient, talented and a brilliant teacher who makes learning fun. She is very professional, knowledgeable and inspiring and thanks to Lisa I CAN, CAN, CAN !! Thank you Lisa, it means so much to me to be finally be able to ride a bike after all these years and I am looking forward to my trip to France later in the year.

Amanda Palmer - Normanton West Yorkshire

One very happy lady !

[email protected]

I can can can now ride a bike thanks to Lisa! I never thought I could balance on a bike, let alone be able to do so within 3 hours. Lisa is a talented and brilliant teacher, she made learning fun, and effortless. She helped me forget my nerves and before I knew it I had two feet on the pedals! A fun day learning and so nice to meet someone so inspiring - this woman is a legend! Thank you so much Lisa.

Miss Ali (Leicester)

Satisfied Customer

[email protected]

We had never had the confidence to try taking off the stabilisers off our daughter's bike, and by the time she turned 7 she was very upset that she was the only one among her friends who couldn't cycle. But just few hours on a Saturday with Lisa changed it all, and since that day our daughter has been riding her bike every single day regardless of the weather. Lisa was extremely patient and has a great way with children. Her tried and tested techniques are a great way to teach cycling especially for older children. We would gladly recommend Lisa for anyone wanting to learn to ride a bike, regardless of their age. Thank you Lisa x


Happy parents! (Leicestershire)

[email protected]

Lisa was great! She helped my 10 year old who was frightened of her bike get on to her bike in no time. I couldn't believe what i saw. After years of trying she did it within a few hours, not only that, at the same time she taught my 5 year old boy to ride too. Thanks Lisa xxx

Aisha Valli

satisfied mom (Leicestershire)

[email protected]

my mum got me the best gift for Easter. Lisa was amazing. I feel happy I can ride a bike now and I can go with my friends. - Lisa was so relaxed, encouraging and taught my daughter perfect skills to get on the bike and ride within few hours. Something we couldn't do for more than a year, getting stuck only with more fear and low confidence. We are so happy. It was worth every penny and would recommend to one and all.

Kavya and Vasu (Preston)

Satisfied daughter and mum

[email protected]

Lisa was very supportive and down to earth over the two sessions I had with her for both my level 2 and level 3 training. I grew in leaps and bounds over the two sessions and achieved my Level 3. My self awareness on the roads has improved and therefore my safety (which is the most important aspect of cycling). I can now comfortably take roundabouts and dual carriage ways whilst keeping up speed. Professional cycling instruction is a life skill that I recommend everyone undertake no matter how little they cycle.

Uju (Birmingham)

Satisfied commuter (Level 3)

[email protected]

My son has a learning difficulty, Lisa was very understanding about his needs, she made sure his bike was safe even repairing his gears. Lisa put my son at ease, she had lots of patience, boosted his confidence and made the road safety training fun, he thoroughly enjoyed the day and was very proud of his achievement. Since Lisa's training I can't keep him indoors, his confidence has grown and he wants to be out most days cycling with his friend. A very professional and lovely lady, THANK YOU Lisa.

Mary (Haslingden)

Satisfied mum

[email protected]

My 9 year old son had a word in my ear to inform me that he had passed the Level 1 Bikeability test in school and was very proud. Unfortunately it was a different story doing the level two, which is of upmost importance as involves being out on the road. Least to say his confidence was low afterwards. l began looking online to see if we could sort this out ourselves. This is when l came across "Superwoman Lisa Costa". l got in touch to enquire and after talking on the phone the session was booked. Lisa, my son and l spent the day together and Lisa taught us both so much. This is definitely the way forward for anyone and is the 5 star treatment in tuition. Not only is Lisa very knowledgeable about all aspects of cycling, she makes it fun, is cool with the kids, she is patient and nothing is too much trouble. We came home very happy. Ten out of ten all round. Mr N Simpson

Mr Neil Simpson (Pontefract)


[email protected]

At the age of 44 years I thought it was about time I learnt to ride a bike, I have always wanted to but never got on with it. My husband scoured the web & came across Lisa's website. After a email & phone call from Lisa, I was booked in. She promised me I would be riding a bike & she wasn't wrong! Lisa is an amazing, patient, kind, caring & fun teacher to be taught by. We had a great day together & I am now able to ride a bike, which I still carn't believe! If I can learn any one can, can, can! Thanks Lisa

Jackie Roome - Barnsley

(Learnt to ride in less than an hour)

[email protected]

This morning Lisa arrived with the promise to get both our boys Harrison and Finlay up and riding within just a few hours. We had struggled for some time with Harrison as he was scared of cycling and had avoided every attempt to learn. In just a few hours exactly as described our two boys were up and riding without stabilisers and both very happy and keen as mustard to ride more. Excellent coaching skills and subject matter knowledge, superb soft skills which had our boys engaged and obviously listening and learning. Add to this a thorough service and setup of our boy's own bicycles and constant flow of advice and encouragement to both the boys and my wife and I. I really couldn't recommend Lisa highly enough, the additional knowledge that Lisa is also available via email for further advice and training is outstanding. If you want to learn to ride or polish your skills, I doubt you would find a more worthy coach

Gavin & Jeanette Ramejkis (Up Holland)

Proud and happy parents

[email protected]

We all had a wry smile when Lisa said that she would get our Tom riding a bike within two hours when we have been trying for 4 years! Well it took her even less time and Tom said at the end of the day 'She was the best teacher I could have had' - Brilliant stuff from Lisa and we are all smiling tonight and proud of our Tom and looking forward to our first family bike ride at the weekend.

Andrew Day (Cheadle Hulme)

Happy Dad

[email protected]

I have tried for a few years to teach my 9 year old son Callum to ride his bike, with no success my son was getting very frustrated and loosing his confidence, he was starting to convince himself that he was never going to ride a bike and join in with his friends. I was very lucky to find Lisa, she had him riding his bike within 2 hours. She was amazing with him very patient and with 10 minutes in her company Callum gained so much confidence. Callum is now riding a bike he went on his bike the next day with no help, all thanks to Lisa. Callum will now be able to join in with his friends next week at school with Bikeability. I would say to anyone out there, if anyone can help your child to ride a bike, Lisa can, she has a fantastic connection with kids and I cannot thank Lisa enough.... Big thank you Lisa from Ros and Cal.

Callum (Runcorn)

A happy proud boy who can now ride his bike

[email protected]

This morning, Lisa took our 9 year old son from 0 balance to riding his bicycle in 3 challenging but fun hours! She is a very talented teacher, not just wth the techniques, but the psychology too. Parents and son are so proud (and relieved) he has this life skill and the can, can, can mantra has already been quoted in relation to other challenges. We will be back for future training.

Chris & Anna-Liisa

Ashley, Cheshire

[email protected]

I can't express my gratitude enough... Lisa spent a very patient 4 hours yesterday (12/10/14) with my 9 year old son who had developed a huge psychological block and had told himself "I can't do it". Lisa made him believe with her "can, can, can" attitude, and finally he made a breakthrough. The session ended with him being able to ride independently in a figure of eight and stopping confidently and safely. The best testimonial comes from my son himself, when at bedtime last night he said - unprompted - "I can't thank the bike lady enough Mum". Well that says it all for me, thank you so, so much Lisa.

Charlotte Newell (Coventry)

Delighted Mum !!

[email protected]

Today my 7 year old son learned to ride in an hour! Lisa had said she'd have him riding in 3 hours and I thought that was great but it took much less time than that. It was a very satisfying experience for us all (including husband and baby brother) as we all cheered my son on. We had much fun watching the quick progress my son and Lisa made. Awesome!!! Thanks Lisa

Roz Lewis

Satisfied Mom (Willenhall)

[email protected]

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone of any age who would like to have fun learning to ride a bike I admit I was nervous but Lisa was professional knowledgable and friendly. With her encouragement "I can can can" and support I overcame my fears and within an hour I was riding. I was surprised at myself and surprised how much fun it was. I'm going to buy a bike, get more practice, get fitter Infact the sky's the limit. Thank you Lisa x

Ange Nelson (Stoke on Trent)

[email protected]

I contacted Lisa for my 10 year old son who had never rode a bike before. He is extremely cautious and anxious boy and was scared of the idea of biking. Lisa broke the training in easy parts and made it so easy for him that he started enjoying biking within half an hour of training with her. Now my son can ride a bike and enjoy biking all his life. Thanks Lisa for doing the seemingly "impossible" task. Biking is as important as swimming and it's a gift for life. I am a very happy mom. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn biking within a day. You have to see it to believe it !! And lastly, as Lisa says "If Lisa can't teach you biking, no one can!!! "

Ritu Mathur (Altrincham)

Happy mom !!

[email protected]

Lisa is a fantastic instructor, who is passionate about cycling and combines this with a patient and inspiring teaching manner. My knowledge and understanding of cycles, cycling and bike maintenance in general has been increased dramatically. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone who wishes to improve their cycling ability, be it total beginners through to experienced riders.

Mark D - a newly inspired cyclist


[email protected]

I contacted Lisa in desperation because my 12 year old boy couldn't ride a bike. We've tried for years but could never get anywhere. Lisa managed to get him relaxed by being very funny and generally putting him at ease. She made it look very easy and broke it down into manageable chunks for him to follow. He can now ride and I'm very proud of him and would definitely recommend Lisa. Thanks Darren

Darren Pyefinch

Happy dad (South Derbyshire)

[email protected]

I tried for 5 years to teach my daughter Aggie to ride without success, Lisa did less than an hour! Lisa provided a warm, friendly and professional service and we will definitely be coming back for further training for our children. Chris Boardman Boardman Bikes

Chris Boardman (Wirral)


[email protected]

I would 100% recommend Lisa to help anyone to learn to ride a bike. Lisa spent the day with us. She made our boys' bikes suitable before teaching them to ride. I didn't think she would get very far with our eldest aged 8 but she did! I'm so pleased that our boys learnt to ride their bikes within a few hours! They still quote Lisa's 'you can, can, can' phrase. If you are hesitating, please don't, this will be money well spent. My eldest passed the level 1 bikeability course just 1 week after learning to ride. Thanks again Lisa, the boys have had a great Summer riding their bikes on holiday.

Raj H (Oldbury)


[email protected]

Lisa, thanks for coming to Telford (Sat 16th Aug 2014) to help me a 52 year old that was never taught to ride, but in no time at all with your tuition I was balancing, pedalling, turning and doing figure of 8's. Thanks also for taking time to check and make adjustments to my bike. Lisa, hope you had a fab V fest weekend.

Liz Gaston

Customer (Telford)

[email protected]

Thank you Lisa for taking the time after leading our ride through Pype Hayes and Sutton Coldfield to get to grips with my gears. I hope you were able to get to see Blondie and Ed Sheeran in the end.

Simon Bragington (Sutton Coldfield)

"working gears"

[email protected]

Lisa is an incredibly talented cycling coach who, in a little over 3 hours, successfully taught our 3 daughters aged 8, 6 and 5 to cycle from scratch. Her fun approach to teaching, combined with endless patience and tireless support, kept our girls focused and motivated throughout the session, resulting in a newfound passion for cycling and some very, very proud parents. Cannot recommend Lisa enough ....... you will not be disappointed.

Sarah Savoia (South Derbyshire)

very proud parents

[email protected]

I am a mature lady with shocking balance and co-ordination and after 3 hours with Lisa I can now cycle. Many thanks Lisa for your patience and tolerance and for turning what was a very apprehensive event for me into a fun session. I honestly didn't believe you when you said you would have me cycling in 3 hours but you did it. Well done. Can't thank you enough.

Pauline (Another Satisfied Customer)


[email protected]

Many thanks Lisa for helping me find my cycling mojo on the roads, you are so professional and friendly in your approach. You were also great for my 14 year old nephew who had never cycled on a road before. We had a fab day and think you're smashing!! Keep up the great work you do xx Thanks again!

Alicia and Harry

Rowley Regis

[email protected]

I arrived at Swan Pool to cycle, getting my mountain bike out of the car I realised I did not have my spanner. Like superwoman Lisa turned up saw me struggling and not only fixed my wheel, she also sorted out a dodgy brake, and wiring, then to top it all invited me to join the group on a ride. It was a smashing afternoon which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Su Oliver (West Midlands)

Stranger in a car park

[email protected]

Lisa was brilliant from the initial welcome, through handling techniques and then on to road practice. I have returned to road biking after a long break and felt my confidence and handling of a racing bike was poor. Enter Lisa, she is so patient and teaches in such an inspiring manner, by the end of the session I felt like a completely different rider and I have methods I can use, practise and progress with. Lisa delivers far beyond expectations!

Julie Lamb (Wigston - Leicester)

now confident road biker

[email protected]

I arranged for Lisa to spend the day with my 3 children aged 8 10 and 13. She got them engaged immediately and they thoroughly enjoyed the day which Lisa made fun and informative. Lisa demonstrated patience and respect as well as a good sense of humour. I would recommend Lisa training days as it provides individuals with an important skill and represents very good value. Thank you Lisa

Nicola Cooper (Leicestershire)


[email protected]

Thanks Lisa, I felt I achieved something great today, on riding a bike for the first time. I did not believe i could do it, but you made it so easy for me, with your teaching techniques that all my fears and apprehensions just disappeared. Thanks again Lisa.

Joanna Pat Rodney

Mrs (Birmingham)

[email protected]

Thanks Lisa for teaching Reece, Isabella and me your advanced cycling on the road techniques. We now all feel really confident about cycling amongst traffic and really pleased that we decided to ask you to teach us. You were brilliant and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. A great day well spent. THANKS!

Jackie Timms (Telford)

from fear to confidence

[email protected]

Just wanted also to say a big thank you Lisa, you are truly gifted at what you do thank you again. And you have the patience of a saint, so happy you made me and Honor smile, a really enjoyable day thanks again Caroline x

Caroline Wise (Leamington Spa)

very happy mum

[email protected]

Lisa was fantastic with my 7yr old daughter. She built her confidence up kept making her smile, Honor learnt how to ride after a few hrs, was so proud and Lisa helped her all the way explaining everything to Honor and myself. So I am extremely grateful, and it's all good for the holidays. I would definitely recommend a private lesson with Lisa you won't regret it, from an over the moon mum Caroline

Caroline Wise (Leamington Spa)

Very happy mum

[email protected]

Lisa, you had our son riding in just over 20 minutes, his confidence has grown & now looks like he has been doing it for years!! Kind Regards Scott, Stella & James

Scott & Stella Ward (Bury, Lancashire)

Very Happy Parents!!

[email protected]

A big thankyou to Lisa who helped our very wary 7 year old to ride. He was very nervous and resistant and with lots of patience and commitment and skill, Lisa got him to the point where he is very proudly riding. She also helped our 9 year old daughter to develop a much better sense of how to take care of herself while riding. Thanks also for getting our bikes sorted with brakes that needed altering, inner tube that needed changing and a general overhaul that has also really helped us. We would recommend Lisa without hesitation.

Carol Rifkin (Liverpool)

Satisfied Mum

[email protected]

Hi Lisa, Just to let you know, did my first cycle to work today, used the advanced techniques you showed me. These made the trip a real pleasure. The techniques have really changed my cycling experience , all for the better. So not just a lovely days training , but a change in my cycling for the better. A great experience thanks.

Mark Wilkie (Wolverhampton)


[email protected]

★★★★★ Lisa you were a star teacher today! Thank you so much for your work with Thomas. We're now looking forwards to lots of lovely bike rides together! X

Tracy Scott (Manchester)

[email protected]

Lisa has really helped my son Eric (8) with his confidence and he was riding a bike in less than 30 minutes after he started! Also Lisa is very good fun which is a plus with the kids (and adults) Tania, (Northwich)

Tania Miranda


[email protected]

Thanks so much for teaching my 6 year old daughter to ride her bike so confidently. It was so quick too. Half a day well spent. I would recommend Lisa to anyone. Jo x

Jo Gorton (Manchester)

Thank you so much

[email protected]

Having reached my 60s without ever having been on a bike I never dreamed that I would be riding within a couple of hours, thanks to Lisa's expert tuition. If she can teach me, then she can teach anyone!

Ken (Southport)

Very Satisfied

[email protected]

Lisa managed to get my 9 year old son riding his bike within 3 hours - I've only been trying for 3 years! Lisa provided one to one tuition for Adam and the results were outstanding. I couldn't believe the difference. The tuition took place at a local supermarket car park on a Sunday morning - where it was nice and quiet. Thank you Lisa.

Andy & Adam (Bury)

Satisfied father & son

[email protected]

Absolutely brilliant tutor! I was up and riding in less than an hour! Not a word of exaggeration, but I honestly thought I would never be able to ride a bike but now thanks to Lisa, I do!! I cannot wait to test out my newly acquired skills on the road. Extremely happy and over the moon - as is my boyfriend, who can now take me out on bike rides!

Sharmin (Manchester)

Very happy customer

[email protected]

We too had got to the stage where my son had lost confidence and didn't want to ride his bike. A personal recommendation from a friend put us in touch with Lisa who I can only say was brilliant. In a few hours he was off pedaling unaided, turning and most importantly happy about being on his bike. Lisa's care, friendly approach and enthusiasm were fantastic she is a born teacher and her passion for cycling shines through thank you so much.

Alison & Dan (Wirral)

[email protected]

We had got to the point with our three kids where we thought they would never learn to ride - at the age where it was embarrassing to fall off so very negative about the whole experience. Lisa spent a day with us and it was her fun, determination and cool tricks that really got them motivated!! We can't thank you enough Lisa, cycling together as a family is something we all now enjoy :)

Therese and Mark


[email protected]

Lisa taught our two nine year olds how to ride their bikes in one morning. Before this they hadn't been able to ride at all. On the phone, Lisa assured us that she'd get them riding on the day. We were sceptical to say the least! We'd tried many times to teach them ourselves and had got absolutely nowhere. They used two of Lisa's bikes with the pedals removed to perfect their balancing. Then the pedals were put on and they were off. Literally just like that. Lisa then taught them how to start off on their own and they were cycling around, stopping and restarting all on their own. A major advantage of Lisa's help was the adjustments she made to the girls' bikes. We'd had them set up at the local bike shop but they needed lots of changes. Most importantly the brakes, which had been set far too apart for a child to reach. She also adjusted the brake settings on the wheels, seat height and handle bars . She totally transformed the bikes. Thanks Lisa, you really are amazing.

Maureen & Mike Price


[email protected]

Wonderful day, thanks a million Lisa. We started our day training in a car free area being shown basic safety checks for the bikes, followed by basic mounting, stopping and maneuvering techniques for use on roads. This gave me the confidence to progress to riding on roads. We then proceeded on to quieter roads, practicing positioning, indicating and turning as we had been shown previously. We were also shown the necessity of awareness of other road users and the problems they can cause us. Home for a short lunch, and then on to busier roads and roundabouts. All in all the day gave me such a boost in confidence and abilities I feel I could tackle almost any road or situation. It was definitely money well spent!

Martin and Debbie Crowly

Jibbering wreck to owning the road (Ellesmere Port)

[email protected]

Having only a couple of weeks to go before our son's school were running bikeability, we were desperate to find him some extra tuition as he hadn't ridden a bike for many years and had never been confident. We found Lisa's number from the bikeability website and luckily were able to arrange a few hours tuition at very short notice. Lisa was friendly, enthusiastic, confident, and quickly built up a rapport with our son. Within a very short space of time, he was balancing first without pedals, then with pedals - all the while building more and more confidence. We were amazed how much progress he was able to make in just a few hours. Since then, he's continued to practice the things he learnt from Lisa and he is now well on his way to becoming a competent cyclist. We would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to anyone wishing to learn to ride a bike, no matter how inexperienced or unconfident.

Andrew and Lorraine


[email protected]

I can now ride a bike thanks to Lisa and her knowledge and patience. I booked a 1-2-1 session and after 20 minutes I was pedalling unaided. Lisa's teaching style was great, and her passion for cycling is clear to see. I'm thrilled I can now ride a bike in my late 20s. She gave me the confidence to overcome my fears. Lisa encouraged me throughout the session and I progressed really quickly. I'm delighted how much I got through in just one lesson. Lisa also offered advice on the type of bike that would be suitable for me, so I can start enjoying to ride. I would highly recommend Lisa's cycle coaching.

Ruth (Wrexham)

[email protected]

When seeking professional help to teach my 5 year old grandson balance, I telephoned two organisations which appear on the bikability website. Both promised to arrange for a trainer to contact me in order to make firm arrangement. NEITHER DID! My lucky third call was to Lisa who met us the next day and in about 45 minutes he could balance, then some 30 minutes later he was riding totally unaided for distances of 100 yards or so. I could hardly believe how much was achieved through her knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to communicate, particularly when inter acting with a child. In fact it is a pleasure to watch her work. We will certainly see her again, for more advanced training, after he has had some practice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

William Harrison

Client (Greater Manchester)

[email protected]

Got my 2 boys aged 7 & 8 cycling unaided in under 2 hours. Fixed their 2 bikes that had broken, rusty dysfunctional brakes and gave tonnes of advice in many aspects cycling and bike maintenance - all this done with exceptional patience, a smile and enthusiasm abound. Will highly recommend Lisa 100%. Mthulisi



[email protected]

Brilliant Tutor and from my experience "top of her game" - She's a great bike mechanic too fixing my 11year old daughter's brakes and sorting out my gears that had not worked properly for months. - I'm really lucky I came across your website Lisa, your enthusiastic "can can can" style of teaching reassured Ellie and me on those busy roads and we learnt loads throughout the day. I'll be in touch again when Josh is a little older. Many thanks Simon.

Simon Allcock (West Midlands)

biking family

[email protected]

Thanks Lisa for passing on your vast experience and knowledge. I would never have thought that I'd have the confidence to ride my bike on roads until your excellent training. Your teaching style is highly effective and I would definitely recommend you to others wanting to venture on roads. Thanks again for a brilliant day!

David Eastin

Commuting Student (Coventry)

[email protected]

Many thanks Lisa for teaching Jack to ride his bike & give him lots of confidence. He is absolutely made up he can now ride his new bike. You have an exceptional teaching style and the patience of a saint!!!!!! You had a lovely manner with Jack. We will definitely be recommending you to others. Thanks again.

Liz & Paul (St Helens)

Jack's Proud Mum & Dad

[email protected]

Thank you so much Lisa for teaching me to ride a bike for the first time at the age of 56!!. You were very encouraging, supportive and have great teaching skills.



[email protected]

What a wonderful day, thank you so much Lisa! I contacted Lisa as I have a very keen 8 year old mountain biking girl, Megan, who had been racing for a year and I was unable to find anyone that would allow her to take her Bikeability training to gain an understanding of how to ride on the road. Despite her clear ability no one else would allow her to take a skills based course and enable her to improve her skills. We (Mum, Dad, Megan and her older sister Jessica) spent the day with Lisa having fun, laughing and learning so, so much. Lisa's ability to keep the children's attention is amazing and her love of cycling shines through, I would recommend her to anyone. I am so glad we felt forced to do this as a small independent group (and not through the schools or another child based learning centre) as we all benefitted. We will now go out as a family confidently and competently on the roads. I hope we will return to do Level 3 after we have practised our new skills. Thank you.

Sam Blackurn

Happy Mum (Bala, Wales)

[email protected]

Wow...Lisa is such a positive teacher. The day was pitched for my needs which was great as I was apprehensive that I wouldn't be able to do it!!!!! Whatever it was, she praises and leads her pupil on in small structured steps. I felt I might never cycle again and yet now I know I will. Thank you

mary dwyer (Belper)


[email protected]

What a star Lisa is! She taught my 7 year old son who is dyslexic and has a problem with concentration and co-operation to pedal his bike unaided within 1 hour. She also got him over his confidence problem with using the brakes properly within 2 hours. Thank you so much Lisa for coming all the way up to Manchester and for giving him a valuable life skill and meaning we can now have fun as a family as well as getting fit and healthy together.

Tracy Scott (Manchester)

Very Happy Mum

[email protected]

Having decided to upgrade my very old bike with a shiny new one in an attempt to get a bit fitter I realised my confidence on busy roads wasn't very high - it had been a long time since I'd done any serious cycling. I found Lisa on the CTC website and booked a training day with her. What a great day! As well as having a lot of fun, I learnt how to handle the bike and, more importantly, how to deal with the traffic on the roads I will be using regularly. I had a great day and now have no worries about going out on the bike in traffic - no excuse now not to use it! I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa for anything to do with cycling. She'll give you confidence to tackle all sorts of roads and situations and will also help you set up the bike so it's right for you (and even show you how to fix it!)

Barbara (Chesterfield)

born again cyclist !

[email protected]

It's difficult to say anything different than what's already been said - Lisa's knowledge and teaching skills are immense! Since her training my confidence and ability to handle other road users has increased 10 fold, and the busy roads that once appeared daunting now seems so simple. I can't thank you enough Lisa and would recommend your training to anyone!

Anthony Hulme

a new Wolverhampton commuter!

[email protected]

Lisa taught my 4 year old son to ride in his first lesson on Sunday and I would recommend lisa to anyone


Happy Dad - Warrington

[email protected]

I'd 'learned' to ride a bike when I was a child but apart from being able to pedal, I had no basic cycle skills and therefore no control, which made me very nervous. Lisa changed all that! Within an hour I was standing on the pedals completing a slalom course, and a few hours later she'd taught me control and road skills - and given me confidence - enough to cope with a busy roundabout. I used to get a sinking feeling at the thought of getting on my bike. Now I can't wait to hop on and practice. Thank you so, much, Lisa, for your patience and enthusiasm.

Cathy French (Wirral)

Reluctant cyclist (or was)!

[email protected]

What a fantastic experience to watch Lisa teach my grand children to ride without stabilisers, ( 7 and 5 years ). I must say that I thought the 5 year old might be too young... I was wrong, both were riding within 2 hours !! What a talented lady and a great bike mechanic. Lisa Thank you so much for travelling to Manchester I wish you all the luck in the world. Take care. Lynne Johnson

Lynne Johnson

Mrs (Manchester)

[email protected]

What can I say....... Lisa Costa is the most inspirational teacher! Lisa has given me so much confidence to ride on the roads, I found myself on and off pavements as I was so worried to go on the roads, I have now been around the busiest islands and roads and its all thanks to Lisa's FUN and motivating methods of teaching! Thank you so much Lisa for helping me and giving me a good laugh at the same time:)

Deborah Holford (Sutton)

What can I say..... Fantastic teacher!

[email protected]

WOW! Rhys has just come back from his superb training with a huge smile across his face because he can now ride a bike! Lisa in one word is AMAZING! She has generated so much confidence into my little brother (as he had none to start with). Lisa has an amazing presence and caring manner which shines through her training! Thank you so much for teaching Rhys a life skill! (We are now going to purchase a car bike rack, as he has requested to go on lots of cycling trips!). Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm! I would highly recommend Lisa because she is... by far the best! Thank you so much.

Kirsty (Stoke on Trent)

A Very Proud Sister

[email protected]

Really great instructor. Got me cycling within an hour having never ridden before and despite having no balancing ability at all. Really enjoyed it and would thoroughly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to learn.


First Timer (West Midlands)

[email protected]

Lisa was great when she came into our school to get the children their bikability level 1 award. She went above and beyond what we expected and the children really enjoyed it.

Hayley Smith

School Teacher (Rowley Hall Prm Sch)

[email protected]

I'm very happy that Lisa has helped my son who has balance problems learn to cycle. I tried for years to get him cycling and in just two sessions Lisa has got him off stabilisers and cycling confidently. I'd recommend Lisa to anyone, she is friendly and professional.

Julie (Lichfield)

Brilliant Results!

[email protected]

It's never to late to learn to ride a bike, with the right instructor, LISA is that such person! I am 50 something old, I tried with help from my family but with out success. Finally it was time get some professional help, as i had no confidence what so ever. Lisa put me at ease right from the start, she didn't rush me or let me give up. By the end of the lessen I was pedalling. I couldn't believe it. I booked 2nd lessen a week later, within 5 to 10 minutes, I could bike with confidence. Thank you Lisa!

Nalini Dhillon

Happy customer (Stourbridge)

[email protected]

Amazing Instructor! We had tried absolutely everything we could possibly think of with my 9 yr old son, to get him to ride a bike with no success ! It was heartbreaking to see other kids on their bikes and he couldn't join in. 2 hours with Lisa and he was away.Only wish we had heard about her sooner. If you're thinking of contacting Lisa, you should - you won't regret it. Thank you so much Lisa, Ian & Ethan

Ian Fraser (Warrington)

Delighted Dad!

[email protected]

Lisa , a fantastic instructor. My 9 year old daughter Nikitha was unable to get onto a bike without panicking let alone cycling. After 30 minutes with Lisa, Nikitha was able to peddle by herself and now 3 lessons on she is able to ride and control her bike comfortablely. Lisa has made a very sad girl who wanted to ride a bike into a very happy young lady who enjoys cycling and is now planning a little cycling holiday. Thank you so much Lisa. From a happy mum Sonia and an excited young girl Nikitha.

Sonia Jheeta

Satisfied Mum of Nikitha (Birmingham)

[email protected]

Well what can I say - its simple with Lisa 2 hours and you will be cycling

Akbar (Warwickshire)

what an opportunity

[email protected]

I am a 32 year old who didn't know how to cycle!!! I found Lisa's website via Google search. After a two hour lesson, I was in Sutton Park cycling with my husband!!! I never thought I'd ever be able to cycle but Lisa was absolutely great. She is very patient and a very good teacher! I would happily recommend Lisa if you are looking to learn cycling.

Ashwika (Oldbury)

Satisfied Customer

[email protected]

Lisa is an excellent teacher and although I was initially embarrassed at not being able to ride a bike, Lisa made it fun and included my 8 yrs old twin children and 5yrs old nephew to make it a family activity. Thanks Lisa for your encouragement and support.

Sue (West Midlands)

Learnt to ride at 43yrs

[email protected]

Anyone who wants to ride a bike on the roads should take lessons from Lisa! She's utterly professional, confidence-inspiring and great fun. My daughter and I learned so much just in one day and we now feel safe and inspired to cycle on busy roads. Also, as drivers, we learned how to take more care of cyclists as fellow road-users. A brilliant way to spend a day: thankyou, Lisa.

Carol and Eilís

Happy Customers (Derbyshire)

[email protected]

Lisa was great - very friendly and professional. She was extremely supportive - giving good advice and critique, but always giving positive feedback when you got it right which is the best way to teach. Thank you!


Happy customer

[email protected]

My son seemed to struggle to get the hang of riding his bike and as time went on he became less willing to practise. So I booked a session for him with Lisa - which he wasn't at all happy about! Lisa was brilliant! She engaged with him straight away to put him at ease and after one hour long session he was pedaling unaided up and down the car park! Thank you!


Luke's Mum (Coventry)

[email protected]

A really worthwhile day that I recommend to anyone. Lisa is an excellent instructor, she really knows her stuff. I was amazed at how little I actually understood about road positions and communication, even though I have ridden bikes for more than 20yrs. She made it simple to understand and has a great sense of humour too! Thanks!!

Angela (Manchester)

Had a fun day!

[email protected]

From a complete beginner a few months ago, to cycling on the roads and confidently keeping up with traffic and going round roundabouts!!!! All thanks to Lisa and the team, who really gave me the encouragement and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Not only a great teacher but also someone who has a great sense of humour! Thank you.


Sutton Coldfield

[email protected]

Lisa is an excellent, enthusiastic and patient tutor who has helped me to improve my cycling skills and build my confidence. Lisa's learn to ride sessions are fun and exhilarating. She has given me the confidence and self awareness to start cycling on my own. I look forward to exploring Birmingham and the surrounding areas and staying fit at the same time. Well done Lisa!


Happy Customer (Erdington)

[email protected]

I started as a complete beginner unable to ride; Since attending the Saturday morning lessons with Lisa, I now have a lot of confidence in riding. We are continuing with road safety and it is now my ambition to ride to work. We have alot of fun on our lessons, not to mention the exercise. Lisa is is very encouraging and motivational tutor and our safety is her primary concern. Thank you, Lisa for helping me to get this far.


Happy Cyclist (Sutton Coldfield)

[email protected]

I look forward to my lesson on Tuesday's Lisa, your a great tutor, without your lesson I would not have been able to ride a bike. I would recommend anyone to have lesson with you. Keep up the great work


West Midlands

[email protected]

a great teacher learnt such a lot. makes learning such fun

harold & janet

cycling pensioners (West Midlands)

[email protected]

Lisa has given me the confidence, knowledge & ability to cycle on busy roads. She is truly inspirational! I recommend others enrol before they venture out.

Meryl Morton

Hsppy cyclist

[email protected]

Brilliant teacher our Tuesday evening is the highlight of the week going bike riding with Lisa. Thanks Lisa


Customer (West Midlands)

[email protected]

Where do I start, I started riding again and now I am riding on roads, and feeling pretty confident about it too, Lisa you are Fabulous, an excellent trainer, you know your stuff and your a Great person too.. Thank you so much and as for my Mum, she'd never been on a bike before and look at her now, I am so proud of her and grateful to you Lisa for taking the time to really work with her and instill a "can do" attitude in her. Many Blessings.


well chuffed customer (Brookvale)

[email protected]

Lisa you were wonderful i cant believe I am riding after a few weeks with you, your patience good humour and skill at bringing my old bike up to a roadworthy standard is greatly appreciated

terri morrissey (Birmingham)

new learner/ old bike

[email protected]

I tried for 5 years to teach my daughter Aggie to ride without success, Lisa did less than an hour! Lisa provided a warm, friendly and professional service and we will definitely be coming back for further training for our children. Chris Boardman Boardman Bikes

Chris Boardman (Wirral)


I THINK LISA IS AMAZING !!! I've tried for years to convince my mum to learn how to ride a bike but she wasn't having any of it. I found Lisa from a simple google search and WOW how lucky was I. I bought the lesson as a surprise birthday present and it's the best present I've ever bought. After only one hour my mum was riding a bike and was having a whale of a time. Lisa is a patient, considerate and enthusiastic teacher, I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike in style . THANK YOU LISA!

Ashleigh Nelson (Team GB Athlete)

Proud Daughter

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