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testimonials page six

"It's difficult to say anything different than what's already been said - Lisa's knowledge and teaching skills are immense! Since her training my confidence and ability to handle other road users has increased 10 fold, and the busy roads that once appeared daunting now seems so simple. I can't thank you enough Lisa and would recommend your training to anyone!"

Anthony Hulme (Wolverhampton) a new confident commuter!

"Lisa taught my 4 year old son to ride in his first lesson on Sunday and I would recommend lisa to anyone"

Gordon - Happy Dad (Warrington)

"Amazing Course, Amazing Teacher. Have so much more understanding and appreciation of other road users. I recommend this course for anyone who uses the roads by way of transport....PS (Jokes were pretty funny too).....Thanks Lisa"

Lorna of DSM Demolition Ltd Birmingham (Birmingham)

"Lisa taught my 8 year old daughter how to ride a bike in less than an hour. My daughter had previously been nervous and embarrassed that she could not ride a bike. She had refused to learn. Lisa performed a miracle! Since learning my daughter now rides daily with a huge smile on her face. Thank you Lisa xxx"

Melanie Unsal (Manchester)

"I'd 'learned' to ride a bike when I was a child but apart from being able to pedal, I had no basic cycle skills and therefore no control, which made me very nervous. Lisa changed all that! Within an hour I was standing on the pedals completing a slalom course, and a few hours later she'd taught me control and road skills - and given me confidence - enough to cope with a busy roundabout. I used to get a sinking feeling at the thought of getting on my bike. Now I can't wait to hop on and practice. Thank you so, much, Lisa, for your patience and enthusiasm."

Cathy French (Wirral) Reluctant cyclist (or was)!

"What a fantastic experience to watch Lisa teach my grand children to ride without stabilisers, ( 7 and 5 years ). I must say that I thought the 5 year old might be too young... I was wrong, both were riding within 2 hours !! What a talented lady and a great bike mechanic. Lisa Thank you so much for travelling to Manchester I wish you all the luck in the world. Take care. Lynne Johnson"

Lynne Johnson (Manchester)

What can I say....... Lisa Costa is the most inspirational teacher! Lisa has given me so much confidence to ride on the roads, I found myself on and off pavements as I was so worried to go on the roads, I have now been around the busiest islands and roads and its all thanks to Lisa's FUN and motivating methods of teaching! Thank you so much Lisa for helping me and giving me a good laugh at the same time."

Deborah Holford (Sutton Coldfield) What can I say..... Fantastic teacher!

"WOW! Rhys has just come back from his superb training with a huge smile across his face because he can now ride a bike! Lisa in one word is AMAZING! She has generated so much confidence into my little brother (as he had none to start with). Lisa has an amazing presence and caring manner which shines through her training! Thank you so much for teaching Rhys a life skill! (We are now going to purchase a car bike rack, as he has requested to go on lots of cycling trips!). Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm! I would highly recommend Lisa because she is... by far the best! Thank you so much.

Kirsty (Stoke on Trent) A Very Proud Sister!

"By the age of 35 I had never been on a bike, I was always so scared of the bike and falling. Within 1.5 hours Lisa had given me the confidence to overcome my fears and I was pedalling! I now plan to buy a bike (which Lisa is also advising me on) so I can keep up this life skill that Lisa has taught me. August 2013."

Sanita (Staffordshire) Nervous cyclist (or was!)

"Thank you Lisa for your superb cycling training! I would not have been able to cope with rush hour traffic, dealing with buses and lorries without your help!! You have generated so much confidence in me to do my cycling, so much so, I just can't get off my bike. Thank you once again for getting me on the road."

Dalton Gregory (Sutton Coldfield) luvin my cycling!

"I can now ride thanks to Lisa. She has been a real inspiration to me. She easily inspires confidence and I have been struck by her generosity, phenomenal knowledge and patience. Lisa is truly passionate about her role and a better teacher I could not have had."

Iotha (Erdington) Happy Cyclist

"Lisa is AMAZING! The confidence she has given me to ride my bike into work - on the roads (rather than getting on and off the pathways) is fantastic. Not only do I enjoy leisure riding at the weekend in Sutton Park but have now started to enjoy incorporating cycling into my daily commute into work - I've always enjoyed the freedom of cycling but now (with Lisa's help) I LOVE it!"

Julie Emery (Walmley) Thank you so much! X

"Really great instructor. Got me cycling within an hour having never ridden before and despite having no balancing ability at all. Really enjoyed it and would thoroughly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to learn."

Shan - First Timer (West Midlands)

"Hi Lisa, thank you for the email and for the lovely comments about our children. We are all very proud of them! I'm sorry i wasn't around on Thursday to thank you personally, but i would like to take this opportunity to do so now! The children absolutely loved the training and were disappointed when it finished. A huge thanks to yourself and Jim for making the training fun and exciting!"

Sarah Twist (Bikeability organiser) St Francis CE Primary School (Birmingham)

"To Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council - I would just like to thank you for recommending Lisa as my daughter Alice's cycling tutor. Alice is now riding and under Lisa's tuition has really increased in ability and confidence. It is a pleasure to see Alice riding and I would like to commend Lisa for her patience and ability to put Alice at ease. Regards and best wishes"

Linda (Birmingham) Alice's mum

"Lisa was great when she came into our school to get the children their bikability level 1 award. She went above and beyond what we expected and the children really enjoyed it."

Hayley Smith, School Teacher (Rowley Hall Prm Sch)

"I'm very happy that Lisa has helped my son who has balance problems learn to cycle. I tried for years to get him cycling and in just one session Lisa has got him off stabilisers and cycling confidently. I'd recommend Lisa to anyone, she is friendly and professional.

Julie (Lichfield) Brilliant Results!

"What an instructor! If you are serious about cycling on roads amongst traffic, don't hesitate to get lessons from Lisa, she is amazing, you will learn skills and techniques that will fill you with confidence. Her knowledge of traffic behaviour is priceless! Thanks Lisa."

Chris Boucher (Birmingham) commuter cycling

"It's never to late to learn to ride a bike, with the right instructor, LISA is that such person! I am 50 something old, I tried with help from my family but with out success. Finally it was time get some professional help, as i had no confidence what so ever. Lisa put me at ease right from the start, she didn't rush me or let me give up. By the end of the lessen I was pedalling. I couldn't believe it. I booked 2nd lessen a week later, within 5 to 10 minutes, I could bike with confidence. Thank you Lisa !"

Nalini Dhillon - Happy customer (Stourbridge)

"Amazing Instructor! We had tried absolutely everything we could possibly think of with my 9 yr old son, to get him to ride a bike with no success ! It was heartbreaking to see other kids on their bikes and he couldn't join in. 2 hours with Lisa and he was away.Only wish we had heard about her sooner. If you're thinking of contacting Lisa, you should - you won't regret it. Thank you so much Lisa, Ian & Ethan"

Ian Fraser (Warrington) Delighted Dad!

"Lisa, a fantastic instructor. My 9 year old daughter Nikitha was unable to get onto a bike without panicking let alone cycling. After 30 minutes with Lisa, Nikitha was able to peddle by herself and now is able to ride and control her bike comfortablely. Lisa has made a very sad girl who wanted to ride a bike into a very happy young lady who enjoys cycling and is now planning a little cycling holiday. Thank you so much Lisa. From a happy mum Sonia and an excited young girl Nikitha."

Sonia Jheeta - Satisfied Mum of Nikitha (Birmingham)

"Well what can I say - it's simple with Lisa 2 hours and you will be cycling!"

Akbar (Warwickshire)

"I am a 32 year old who didn't know how to cycle!!! I found Lisa's website via Google search. After a two hour lesson, I was in Sutton Park cycling with my husband!!! I never thought I'd ever be able to cycle but Lisa was absolutely great. She is very patient and a very good teacher! I would happily recommend Lisa if you are looking to learn cycling."

Ashwika (Oldbury) - Satisfied Customer

"Our nine year old daughter Chloe was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of two. For the last three years we have tried to teach her to ride a bike so she could ride in the park with her friends. We tried and tried to get her to pedal without stabilisers but unfortunately it always ended in tears and a sense of sadness, After a google search we came across Lisa's website and emailed her to ask if she could help. Lisa was very positive and encouraging which made Chloe feel at ease, she also made all sorts of adjustments to her bike to help with her confidence. We just couldn't believe our eyes when we saw Chloe pedalling for the first time! We can't thank you enough Lisa for bringing happiness into our daughter's life and cannot imagine the satisfaction you must get from the great work you do!"

Sally and Paul (Manchester) parents forever grateful!

"Lisa is an excellent teacher and although I was initially embarrassed at not being able to ride a bike, Lisa made it fun and included my 8 yrs old twin children and 5yrs old nephew to make it a family activity. Thanks Lisa for your encouragement and support."

Sue (West Midlands) - Learnt to ride at 43yrs

"Anyone who wants to ride a bike on the roads should take lessons from Lisa! She's utterly professional, confidence-inspiring and great fun. My daughter and I learned so much just in one day and we now feel safe and inspired to cycle on busy roads. Also, as drivers, we learned how to take more care of cyclists as fellow road-users. A brilliant way to spend a day: thankyou, Lisa."

Carol and EilĂ­s - Happy Customers (Derbyshire)

"Lisa was great - very friendly and professional. She was extremely supportive - giving good advice and critique, but always giving positive feedback when you got it right which is the best way to teach. Thank you!"

Eilis - Happy customer

"My son seemed to struggle to get the hang of riding his bike and as time went on he became less willing to practise. So I booked a session for him with Lisa - which he wasn't at all happy about! Lisa was brilliant! She engaged with him straight away to put him at ease and after one hour long session he was pedalling unaided up and down the car park! Thank you!"

Kathy - Luke's Mum (Coventry)

"A really worthwhile day that I recommend to anyone. Lisa is an excellent instructor, she really knows her stuff. I was amazed at how little I actually understood about road positions and communication, even though I have ridden bikes for more than 20yrs. She made it simple to understand and has a great sense of humour too! Thanks!!"

Angela (Manchester) Had a fun day!

"Top drawer training from a top drawer tutor!! Thanks Lisa I learnt so much and highly recommend your services."

Rob (Cheshire) Cycling for pleasure.

*our clients' testimonials say it all*